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About Us

Frogs 'n' Things is located in Quakertown PA, just off the PA tpk NE extension (476), approximately 20 min south of Allentown PA (I78) and 50 min north of Philadelphia. It is a small business officially founded in 2011, although we have been keeping and breeding amphibians for >30 years. 


Keith Q. Tanis, Ph.D. - Founder and Proprietor

 Ask Keith why he’s obsessed with frogs and he’ll shrug his shoulders. He just always was.  Maybe it’s that they are the clowns of the rainforest.  Maybe it’s that they are the most toxic animals on earth.  Or maybe it’s having a slice of creation right in his basement.  Regardless, its an obsession that many of you understand.

So, did he really need all that schooling to sell frogs?

In his spare time, Keith applies genetics and genomics technologies for the development of new and safer medicines and therapeutics.  It’s a great distraction from the stress of the frog business! Check out his publications here.

Keith also enjoys photography.  You can view and purchase some of his favorite shots here.



PP Junior - Vice President of Sales

 PP is an internationally acclaimed guitarist and bluesman.




Mrs Jenna - Vice President of Administration

Jenna deserves an extra round of applause!  Without her grace, Frogs ‘n’ Things would be no more than a childhood dream.  Not only does she put up with the stray fruit flies, she helps with all the administrative stuff.  But, most of all, she is the love of Keith’s life and the world’s best mom!!